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My inspiration is a modern women with her versatile and fluid nature. I’ve always been attracted to the contrast of light and shadow, graphic and soft lines: a mixture of styles. In this seeming dissonance i see the real beauty of a woman’s essence. These ideas led me to a concept which i call “romantic geometry”, that blends strong linear forms with gentle femminine details.

The style of KARINE reflects some elements of retro, mainly 60s and 70s for example A-line silhouettes. Another feature of KARINE is an element of irony, which gives images their quirkiness and flair.

About designer

Karina Zabirova was born In Russia and graduated from Kazan State University economy faculty. However she had been always passionated about fashion industry and for this reason she decided to move to Italy to study fashion design in Istituto Marangoni where she discovered breathtaking world of design, art and fashion. Afterwords, she decided that getting practical experience was really important for the implementation of the goals she had conceived. The first chance to practice her acquired knowledge was an post-graduation internship, when she got a temporary job for fashion brand.

Nevertheless, day by day she realised that the desire to create her own brand was getting stronger. Thats why in 2016 year she launched her own brand Karine combining femininity, spirit of retro style and sense of youth. First collection was demonstrated during Milano fashion week.