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This is fascinating journey into the past followed by inexhaustible flow of fun. A story about the most amazing period of the life- youth- returning in childhood on a background of the city bustle. How does my women look like?I would say feminine, fragile which at the same time tending to success.

My women have bright personality. She is romantic, with a great sense of life, she strive for beauty and harmony. She is selecting this kind of clothes because it represents her rich inner world and of caurse she is not afraid of new things.Her life stands is “ Just have fun”. In this collection there is a spirit of child with bright cute elements.The idea is to offer the variety of different dresses and trousers which could be successfully combined between each other..All clothes were made with spirit of 60s and 70s by the idea of using some shapes of those times.This collection was inspired by retro music, movies as well as vintage magazines.